Why Bali is the go-to destination for a honeymoon in 2020

Why Bali is the go-to destination for a honeymoon in 2020

Every newlywed couple wishes to have ‘the perfect honeymoon experience’. Everything from the start till the end has to go as planned for a wonderful honeymoon, so spending a few hours and deciding the perfect honeymoon destination should be a great investment. Well, your hunt ends here!

Bali can gift you the fairy-tale honeymoon you had been dreaming of. From breathtaking sceneries, black-sand beaches, magnificent architecture, soothing spas, and a vibrant vibe all-around can definitely cast a magic spell on your honeymoon. Still wondering why should you pick Bali for your honeymoon, let’s tell you why!
Here are some extraordinary reasons to select Bali for your honeymoon:

⦁ Perfect villas for your honeymoon


The choice of hotels and resorts are endless in Bali. From staying amidst the jungles, resorts overlooking the blue waters, a stay on the mountains, or even modern stylish hotels, you can certainly create your own dream honeymoon escape in Bali. However, the incredible private villas stand out, an entire villa for yourself with an indoor private pool is something you should definitely go in for. However, don’t worry because staying in Bali is not expensive!
⦁ Amazing weather all round the year
Unlike most of the destinations, you don’t have to check on the ideal time to visit Bali because it is a year-round destination. It’s has a moderate tropical climate, the average temperature being 25-30 degrees. Bali never experiences extremes, so, neither severe storms nor scorching heat can spoil your vacation.

And if you want the climate to be even cooler, you can always choose a perfect mountain top stay overlooking some beautiful picturesque landscapes.
⦁ Secret beaches


If you’re looking to spend som


e quality time away from the crowds then you should undoubtedly head to the hidden shores of Bali. With sugary sand and emerald waters, the Balinese beaches can promise you a romantic sunset date. With its long coastline, undiscovered, unspoiled, and virgin beaches are a blessing to Bali. Play some good music or sing a song because, beach, bae and perfect music is all you need!
⦁ A diverse set of activities

One thing that sets Bali apart is the range of diverse activities that you can indulge in. From exciting water sports to culturally inclined activities, your honeymoon can go from holding hands in thrill rides to diving deeper in the Balinese culture. Some of the top activities of Bali are:

⦁ Surfing, snorkel, scuba diving
⦁ Banana boat ride, parasailing, flyboarding
⦁ Wild water rafting
⦁ Mountain hiking
⦁ Temple visits & witnessing of religious activities
⦁ Cultural performances

Even after weeks, you might not run out of options in Bali.
⦁ Visa on arrival

The best about planning a honeymoon in Bali is that you don’t have to worry about the hefty visa fees and approvals. Yes, the visa is completely free and on arrival for the Indian nationals. Once you land in Bali, you will get an entry stamp on your passport which would be valid for a period of 30 days. Absolutely no visa stress, you just have to ensure that your passports are valid for six months and boom, you are already in Bali!
⦁ It’s romantic and photogenic spots

Undoubtedly, a honeymoon calls for love and a lot of romance. What more can be romantic than to explore the natural rice terraces of Ubud with your loved one? Or, walking across the virgin beaches of Bali. With striking rock developments, you can also witness one of the best sunsets, especially at the Tanha lot temple. Alternatively, you can also choose to have a relaxing tropical spa together or have a romantic candlelight dinner by the Jimbaran Bay. A honeymoon in Bali can definitely give you a perfect fairy-tale experience.
⦁ A paradise for food lovers

Not only does Bali have one of the best architectural marvels and scenic beauty, but also it offers a mind-blowing choice of food opinions. Besides its own special traditional cuisines, Bali offers countless eateries for every taste, whether you are a seafood lover, meat lover, a vegetarian, or even vegan you have it all covered here. So, do explore your taste buds across many international cuisines including, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Brazilian, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and the even Mediterranean. Doesn’t it sound heavenly? What more do you want!
⦁ A must-visit for the shopaholics

Bali is truly a shopper’s paradise. You will see shops catering to all tastes and budgets. Whether you are looking for some local street shopping, handmade goods, or even luxury products you will find them all. To top it all, Bali offers everything at such affordable prices that you might unleash all your shopping powers here. So, shop till you drop but be prepared for some crazy bargains.

I am sure that after reading this Bali tops your list of the honeymoon destinations. Because, if you wanna make your honeymoon the perfect one, you can never go wrong with Bali! You can also avail some amazing offers for your Bali trip package offered by many travel companies like Pickyourtrail and Yatra.com. They come with an option to customise the trip to suit your preferences and with shouldering the responsibility of a hassle-free vacation. So, get set go!

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