What is Skype

What is Skype

Skype created in august 2003, it created by “Niklas Zennstrom” and “Janus Farris”. It Allow Voice and video communication between computers, mobile, tablets, Xbox, etc It allow Instant Messaging to its users. It is the best cummnication service to connect your love ones. It available on different devices. you can build one-on-one or group calls and can have business meetings with It. you can use skype in mobile, pc, Xbox and also alexa device. you can play the game and join coversation on skype its best way to play online server games.It allow you vedio calling, instant messageing and voice calls in HD voice with best user experence. If you are useing It with credit and your own skype number you can recevice calls and call and message on phone numbers. but you need to puchase a skype number. It offer you numbers of different countries in diffrerent and very cheap price. You can easilly conduct classes on It.


Share Screen on Skype

Skype.com allows screen sharing. suppose if you are having a video call or voice call with your frnd family or and another person and you have to tell something in his/ her device so you need to ask to share their screen with you. now you can tell them what to do next and how to set up their device. you can share the screen in laptop and mobile both devices if you are the user of the iPhone and Your Partner is using android or any other device you can share the screen of any device. Start sharing your screen today and enjoy this amazing and useful feature.

Skype Group Call

It has an amazing feature of the group calling you can add people to create a group and can enjoy the movements. you can have business meetings celebrations or any other occasion. It allows group calls with both video and audio calls. you can also have business meetings and work on the same project without leaving your destination. skype makes it so easy for us.

Skype Extension

Microsoft relese Skype extention for browsers to use It most regularly. you can access all the featues of the It app from your browser and the additional feature is that you can call any number in the search result. it allows low calling rates on mobile and landline numbers.it needs to add some credit in It. the latest version of the skype extension has some amazing features you love. you can add it with just one click and can share your call link on gmail outlook etc. it is the easiest way to use It. you can get it from here

Skype directory search

The previous version of It allows directory search. that allows you to see other profiles. It update their security now you need email phone number, username or piece of information to find peoples on It. it gives privacy to account and prevent random connections.

Set Caller ID

It allows you to purchase skype numbers to set identity and you can verify your local number to set your caller id. Caller id informs others that who is calling and it helps in identifying the caller. if you do not set caller ID It shows random number or my be its private number.


Emergency numbers

It did not support emergency number. Microsoft announced that It is not for emergency calls such numbers 112 and 911.