What Are Breadcrumbs and How Do They Help SEO?

What Are Breadcrumbs and How Do They Help SEO?

Breadcrumbs are a Second level navigation system that shows a user’s location in a site or web application. On a website that has a lot of web pages, breadcrumb navigation can greatly increase the way users find their way on all sides. In terms of convenience, breadcrumbs reduce the total number of steps a website visitor needs to take in order to get to a all web page, and they enhance the findability of site sections and pages. 

Use of breadcrumbs for effective SEO optimization  

Breadcrumbs navigation is one of the most important strategies that improve the search engine rankings of the page. Breadcrumbs are very useful for the viewers as it allows them to easily navigate to similar pages of their interest. It helps the viewers to understand the layout of the site. Breadcrumbs affect Search engine optimization as they provide easy access to the all pages of the website.

Impact of breadcrumbs on SEO

With breadcrumbs, it is easier to find pages that are inter-related with the help of keywords. Breadcrumbs help to understand the complete architecture of the website creating a positive SEO impact of your site. Breadcrumbs bring analytical access to the website for the user end. It provides additional benefits to the users resulting in high rankings on the search engine. Breadcrumbs appear at the top of the page indicating the structure of the website. Experts of SEO Leeds use breadcrumbs as it results in improving the online visibility of the website and increasing web traffic with time leading to higher business revenues.

Types of breadcrumbs

  • Attribute based breadcrumbs – It indicates the attributes of a particular page which makes it convenient for the users to navigate.
  • Location breadcrumbs – It is one of the most used breadcrumbs providing the position of the page within the site. It becomes very easy for the user to visit similar pages as the former page plays the host for the other pages.
  • Path breadcrumbs – as the name suggests, the path breadcrumbs show the path to the webpage. The content can be accessed using many logical paths indicated by the path breadcrumbs.

How to use breadcrumbs for SEO optimization?

  •   SEO gets optimized as breadcrumbs help users to navigate.
  •   Breadcrumbs provide users an enriching experience even when the website has a complex hierarchy.
  •   Do not use breadcrumbs in the web page title tags.
  •   Include a navigation path in the breadcrumbs.
  •   Use the breadcrumbs across the website.


When Should You Use Breadcrumbs?

Use breadcrumb navigation for large sites and websites that have hierarchical structure web pages. An excellent scenario is e-commerce platforms in which a large variety of products is arrange into analytical categories.

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You no need to use breadcrumbs for single-level websites that have no analytical hierarchy or grouping. A great way to determine if a website would benefit from breadcrumb navigation is to architecture a site map or a flow diagram representing the website’s navigation structure, and then analyze whether breadcrumbs would improve the user’s competence to navigate within and between categories and web pages.