The Post Star

Post Star

Post star is a daily newspaper in Glen Falls, New York. the places of this amazing newspaper us Washington, Warren and Saratoga in New York, it’s also available in other places like Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls. it is written in broadsheet(the largest newspaper formate) style.


This newspaper is written in “English” which is the national language if United States America. It can read widely because English is an international language that can understand all over the world

Online news

If you want to read online news you can easily visit its official site Post Star, here you find the categorized menu bar which includes obituaries, sports, opinion, entertainment, lifestyle, E-edition and also buy & sale category.


Post star founding its roots in 1904 with the newspaper named The Morning Post.
In 1908, the owner of The Morning Post decided to merge the two papers into it.
It was sold by Longtime publisher and major shareholder Arthur Irving Sr. to Howard Publications.
Lee Enterprises controlled it since 12, February 2002, it was merged with Howard Publications.